Mac Changelog

Stuff changes, see exactly what

v1.83 build 22

New Features:
- Show Static IP device ID in the UI
- Ability to select DNS server used by the app while disconnected

Bug Fixes:
- Build-a-Plan locations sometimes not showing correctly
- Prevent WindscribeService crash if DNS settings change
- Custom configs can now be connected to while expired
- Bypass anti-abuse check if Build-a-Plan is activated
- Fixed SSL CA bundle issue

v1.83 build 18

New Features:
- WebSocket stealth protocol support
- Location list sorting methods: Geography, alphabet, latency
- Build-a-Plan support (future feature)
- Static IP + port forwarding support (future feature)
- Custom OpenVPN config support

Bug Fixes:
- Stuck on login in China
- App prevents graceful Windows shutdown
- App freezes in “Windscribe is shutting down” state
- Bad IKEv2 connection causes client to lock up
- Don’t disable server location on ping test failure

v1.82 build 17

New Features:
- Favorite locations
- Setting to show actual latency instead of signal bars

Bug Fixes:
- IKEv2 traffic not counted on MacOS
- NULL DACL vulnerability (CVE-2018–1133)
- “Better” Best Location detection
- Default to AES-256-GCM cipher in OpenVPN
- Don’t make HTTP requests when disconnected to reduce strain on the API
- Redact sensitive info from the debug log

v1.81 build 43

New Features:
- IKEv2 protocol support (manual and automatic mode)
- Emergency Connect / Secure Login

Bug Fixes:
- Wifi-sharing not working after wakeup
- Forcibly close all TCP sockets after tunnel up
- Don’t forcibly disconnect if currently connected node is missing from the server list
- Language detection defaults to English instead of Arabic
- Reinstall/enable WAN miniport adapters if missing/disabled
- Adjusted DPI to work with multiple scale factors
- Added “Disconnecting” state
- Eliminated redundant API calls
- Reduced the server ping frequency
- Updated OpenVPN binaries to latest version
- Don't auto-enable the firewall (in Automatic mode) on computer start up if auto-connect is false
- Simplified installer flow + additional “custom install” options
- Async DNS resolver
- Adjusted node selection algorithm to favor lower latency nodes
- Forcibly expand certain locations when the country name is clicked
- Detect if LAN range is RFC-1918 complaint

v1.80 build 30

New Features:
- LAN proxy gateway —
- Secure Hotspot (Experimental) —
- Variable location drawer height
- Auto login after signup
- Ability to choose NDIS5 TAP driver
- Upgrade to OpenVPN 2.4.x with 2.3.x fallback
- Service notifications
- Show Pro data-centers to free users
- Location latency tool-tips added to signal bars

Bug Fixes:
- Always on firewall not working on OS boot on some machines
- Application crashes after connection attempts are exceeded with “minimize to tray” option checked
- Application freeze with firewall ON requires reboot
- API calls not made if app starts with no Internet connectivity
- Custom installation now allows for non-standard install path
- Auto-enable disabled TAP adapter
- 100% CPU when app starts with no Internet connectivity
- Don’t try UDP protocol if system proxy is configured
- Constant application window size on variable DPI screens
- Login form DPI bug
- On multi-screen computers, tool-tips show on primary monitor
- Leave firewall ON if ran out of free bandwidth to prevent IP leak
- Increase reconnect timeout from 5 min to 1 hour
- Server list source changed
- Moved server location update process to separate thread
- Only do ping tests while disconnected
- Update available UI change
- Output installed anti-virus software into debug log for troubleshooting
- Open survey on application uninstall
- Installer command line arg support
- Black and white top bar icon on MacOS
- Ping nodes in batches instead of all at the same time
- Allow for verbose OpenVPN logging via Advanced Parameters screen
- When beta channel is selected, check for updates right away

v1.70 build 4

New Features:
- Added city level location selection
- Added Automatic Connection mode
- Added support for 22 languages
- Added custom TAP adapter
- Added “Ignore SSL Errors” option
- Added notifications when firewall is ON and application not connected
- Added “Advanced Parameters” screen
- Added EULA to the installer
- Added IPv6 connectivity disable button, to prevent WebRTC leaks over IPv6 in some situations
- Added Touch support
- Added Beta channel

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed auto-start bug on some systems
- Fixed Internet connectivity check
- Fixed persistent session storage
- Fixed API connectivity on restrictive networks
- Fixed unquoted service path
- Fixed disappearing Best Location
- Fixed WSD port connectivity while firewall is ON
- Fixed PlayStation UPNP connectivity while firewall is ON
- Fixed reconnection bug on computer wake up on some systems
- Changed the Preferences screens
- Changed the connecting spinner animation

v1.61 build 1

No longer supported
No changelog

v1.60 build 1

No longer supported
No changelog

v1.59 build 1

No longer supported
No changelog

v1.58 build 1

No longer supported
No changelog

v1.57 build 1

No longer supported
No changelog

v1.56 build 1

No longer supported
No changelog

v1.46 build 1

No longer supported
No changelog